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Letter From Our President

Hey there! Welcome to the Delta Chi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta! My name is Miranda Ludolph and as chapter president, it is my honor to serve this group of women that inspire me everyday.

When I started Sac State in 2017, I was a shy, first-year student looking to make friends. Little did I know Gamma Phi would give me so much more than that! When I first stepped foot into Gamma Phi during formal recruitment, I instantly knew, “this is the one”. I found myself in an organization where I could be my authentic self and feel supported by 75 other women. I saw potential for growth, sisterhood, community, and life-long friendships. Within this amazing sisterhood, is a group of strong, diverse women who all bring individuality to our chapter. But despite being different, we all share the same four core values of Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty that make our sisterhood so strong. Love can be seen through lunch dates with each other, saying hello on campus, and always having a shoulder to cry on. Labor is seen through our countless hours of community service with Girls on the Run. Learning is seen through study dates with sisters, taking on positions in the chapter, and holding each other accountable. Loyalty is shown every day knowing you have 75 other women that would be there for you in an instant. It is the warmth that Gamma Phi brings. 

Becoming a member of this sorority was the best decision I ever made. It gave me not only a place to be myself, but a place where I could grow. I am surrounded by women who see potential in me and push me to be a better version of myself. I entered this sorority as a shy freshman but came out a confident and courageous leader! 

Here in Gamma Phi Beta, we are committed to building confident women of character who inspire the highest type of womanhood and make a difference in the world around us. We are strong women Building Strong Girls. As one of the 10 oldest women’s organizations in North America and the first to be called a “sorority”, we value sisterhood. Our women portray our core values of love, labor, learning and loyalty in their everyday lives. We pride ourselves in being true and constant individuals. 

While you scroll through our website, I hope it provides you a small glimpse into our sisterhood. On behalf of the Delta Chi chapter of Gamma Phi Beta, thank you for visiting! 

In IIKE and Love,

Miranda Ludolph 


+ About Us +

In 1874, Gamma Phi Beta was founded by four collegiate women at Syracuse University making it the first "Sorority". Gamma Phi has a widespread of chapters and over 200,000 active members throughout the nation.

National Founding + 1874 at Syracuse University

Sacramento State Founding +1983

Philanthropic Mission + Building Strong Girls

Symbol + Crescent Moon

Flower + Pink Carnation

Colors + Pink, Brown, and Mode

Motto + Founded On a Rock


To Inspire the Highest Type of Womanhood​

Core Values 

Love, Labor, Learning & Loyalty

Anti-Racism Resources: 

 here: https://www.gammaphibeta.org/AntiRacismResources